About us

Fishy Minds is an animation studio in Linköping, Sweden. Our tight group specialises in immersive animation, film and design. We are responsive, and have extensive visual storytelling expertise, juggling and solving problems every day. We are dedicated to providing tailor-made and thoughtful solutions that deliver results. Our aim is to transmit your message efficiently, making your ideas crystal clear and memorable. We understand the importance of engaging an audience, so we will make sure to capture and maintain your market with spellbinding storytelling. Fishy Minds understand that to captivate an audience, the content and structure of the message must be crafted strategically. We are hungry to collaborate with talented individuals to create meaningful work.

Our team

Our agile team consists of divergent imaginative thinkers who know that creating exquisite animation detail in every frame requires a subtle alchemy. Fishy Minds pushes the limits of visual effects. We love to express ourselves through motion graphics. By consuming culture in all its forms we search for the unseen messages and meanings that inspire our creative process and bring stories to life, striking a balance between clarity and fantasy.

Oskar Forsgren

CEO & Creative Director

Daniel Nilsson

Project Manager

Hans Söderström

Sales Manager

Rasmus Arnell

CG Artist

Mirza Talovic

Motion Designer

Karoline Björk

Film & Animation

Corinna Harris

Project Assistant & Copywriter

August Sjögren