About us

Fishy Minds is a production company based in Linköping, Sweden. We focus on design and animation. Our clients are both local and global. We are experts in creating colourful videos that make a big impression. Our work covers marketing through video advertising, explainer videos for services and products, graphic design and brand identity, digital experiences and applications.

There are many ways to deliver a message. Fishy Minds will find the best solution for your product and your audience. We have years of experience in video production, from animated videos (2D- and 3D-animation), to live action videos recorded with high-end equipment. Our mission is to capture and hold the attention of your audience, making your ideas crystal clear and unforgettable.

Our team

Fishy Minds consists of creative thinkers that have the ability to combine a structured workflow with artistic creativity. Our project managers leave nothing to chance with control of the project from the word ‘Go’ to delivery. The production team have years of experience in design, illustration, animation, editing, modelling, development and finding solutions for any type of project. They also have the ability to lift your message to new levels. We think differently and create communication that stands out.

Oskar Forsgren

CEO & Creative Director

Daniel Nilsson

Project Manager

Hans Söderström

Sales Manager

Rasmus Arnell

CG Artist

Mirza Talovic

Motion Designer

Karoline Björk

Film & Animation

Corinna Harris


August Sjögren